Have You Tried That Crazy Wrap Thing?!


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Are you ready to Get Your Sexy Back?
Tighten, Tone, and Firm in as little as 45 minutes
with the Itworks Ultimate Body Applicator!


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These are some of my favorite products:
Thermofit: boosts my metabolism, made with the acai berry, and I went down an entire size in three weeks!
Confianza: herbal stress reliever. I’m a single homeschooling mom to three…need I say more? lol
Greens: this helps me get my 8 servings of fruit and veggies every day. Detoxify and Alkalize.
Body Wraps: You saw my before/after pic in the gallery. These wraps tighten, tone and firm your skin. It’s like a spa treatment at home!
Defining Gel: I use this in between wraps to moisturize my skin. Same ingredients as the wraps in a less concentrated form.
Lip and Eye Cream: Again, single mom with three kids, I don’t sleep as much as I should.
This cream is like botox in a bottle… except it’s all natural.

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