My Story

Hello! I’m Darcel – Skinny Wrap Diva


I became an Itworks Distributor in December 2013. I love the products and what they’ve done for my overall health.
For months I kept seeing these pictures on Facebook and Instagram…they were before/after pics of bellies and the results were amazing, but I was extremely skeptical!
I recently became a single mom to three young children and had been looking for a way to stay home with them – enter my friend who sold itworks!

When I found out someone I knew was selling them I thought I could use some extra money, and if the products worked on me, they would work on other women.
Here I am 9 months later, and I’ve made much more than the $99 I invested to start up.

I’ve made new friends and I’m exercising, and changing my body. This business helped me pay for our month long trip to Ohio this past summer, put gas in my car, food on the table. I’m having fun and working for myself – something not a lot of single moms can do.



If you have any questions or comments please contact me. I am happy to help you in any way that I can!


Questions or Comments?

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